Epcot Crenshaw Corporation (ECC) is focused on integrating people, data, and resources to create science-based solutions for humanity’s biggest problems.

Do you understand the true cost of our existence? All things are interconnected, whether you see it or not.

ECC is focused on fixing what’s broken.

We integrate innovative methodologies to disrupt agricultural, energy, and water production across the globe, resulting in wins for both the economy and environment. We’re uniquely positioned to do this by bringing together industry, education, and government for maximum impact on a global scale.

From research and development to execution, we offer solutions that solve complex problems. Let's explore ways we can work together.


Technology Development

ECC develops and owns a generation of intellectual property (IP) that defines our approach to the solutions we provide.

Technology Deployment

We bring our technology to life by specializing in the rapid commercialization of our IP.

Integration & Facilitation

We develop and execute strategies for technology implementation by bringing together expertise in multiple disciplines such as: engineering, science, business, management, and regulatory.

We are a family of companies, including:

Green Harvest One (GH1) is utilizing our breakthrough technologies to develop responses to environmental waste challenges and deploy them as profitable business enterprises. Through strategic partnerships, GH1 is working to implement sustainability across the water, food, and energy industries.

The Green Harvest Augsburger (GHA) pilot plant was deployed to demonstrate our distributed energy resource (DER) system technologies at industrial scale.

CIAST (pronounced “CHASED”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization deploying research and development programs to provide STEM education and training opportunities to tomorrow’s leaders in the fields of clean technology, laboratory science, data science, and precision agriculture.

Our media and news

Cheyney University launches two institutes as part of school’s reinvention

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announces the formation of the Institute for the Contemporary African American Experience at Cheyney University. He is joined by (from left) Cheyney University President Aaron Walton and Charles S. Smith, Chairman of the Epcot Crenshaw Corporation, a partner in the Institute. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

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